We are finding out every day, energy security is not a given. Natural disasters, grid resilience and market fluctuations can limit your access to power. At the same time, recent developments in renewable energy have put inexpensive power directly in the hands of those who use it. At ADAREV we designed our system to address these situations, all while remaining competitively priced. AREV-22 is ready to serve your current and future energy needs.

Meet AREV-22, a flexible power station for your home or business
The AREV-22 is charged one of two ways. First, the AREV-22 can be powered via renewable energy via a DC (direct current) input. Second, the battery can be powered by your wall outlet. So you don’t need solar panels to take advantage of the security ADAREV provides!

AREV-22’s empowers customers with its outputs
AREV-22 disperses energy via 3 avenues. AREV-22 has 2 DC-outputs. For maximum functionality one of the DC-outputs can be connected to an inverter to provide AC (alternating current) power to standard wall outlets. Finally, the AREV-22's most unique feature is PoE (Power over Ethernet) output. While PoE is currently used sparingly for energy needs, it’s efficacy is only growing as energy demands evolve.

As the 21st Century progresses, devices powered by direct current are becoming ubiquitous in the digital age. The AREV-22 is well-positioned to meet current energy demands and those of the decades to come. Most importantly, we at ADAREV take safety as our #1 priority. The AREV-22 employs LiFePO4 battery chemistry, which is exponentially safer than the lithium-ion batteries of the past.



Environment Indoor setting, 5-45C (Operating)
15-35C (Recommended)
Dimensions 36" (W) x 32" (D) x 18" (H)
Weight (Energy Cell) 525lb
Weight (Smart Controller) 45lb
Warranty 5 years
Cycle Life 10 years @ 80% D.O.D.
Battery capacity 20kWh
SmartController Max discharge 200A,
includes 4kW inverter,
rectifier and solar controller
Input DC input from renewable sources (preferred)
AC input from grid (via Smart Controller)
Output Direct DC output and Power over Ethernet (PoE)
AC output provided by Smart Controller
* Exact specifications may vary, dependent on manufacturing improvements.

Reserve your AREV-22

Reservations are now being accepted for the new AREV-22!

Secure your system with a $222.00 deposit*

*Balance due to secure delivery. Buyer responsible for installation. Professional installation highly recommended.

Our Team

John Burkhardt
An early adopter of photovoltaics, John’s evolution in taking a systems approach to capturing renewable energy led him to look for energy storage options. After researching and reserving products from some of the big providers in the home energy storage space, John realized nobody offered the exact product for his family’s energy security. With no solution in sight, and help from his partners, John decided to create his own solution.

Irving Steel
Irving is an international business leader and our team’s China conduit. After graduating from UGA, Irving went to China to improve his Mandarin and see manufacturing firsthand. Irving worked in a Chinese factory for a year and observed their standards, methods and work ethic. After seeing the explosive growth of renewables in China, Irving was hooked. Irving’s know-how is critical to Adarev’s growth, as we are manufacturing 100% in the U.S. by 2025.

Mark Jensen
Mark connects the dots between our skill sets. After working in Eastern Europe and India, Mark realized the importance of energy security. Like most Americans, Mark took energy for granted. Turn on your lights, pay your power bill, Presto! Really, our electric grid is not that old and there are still 1 billion people on Earth without electricity. For 3 years Mark has obsessively learned about battery technology and worked to build the battery for 2030.

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